From the best soils and climates of all, with the passion of the wine growers, the tradition of thousands of years, coupled with the
sophisticated modern technology, French wines rein supreme the world over. Of course, in Hong Kong, China and throughout
Asia, French wines have always been the most sought after by the wine lovers.

LES FRERES GOURMANDS was established by the UY brothers in 1984 in France. We have specialised in all manner of
Parisian beverages: wines, champagnes, beers, sodas, mineral water and more. Crucially, we have become the negotiant
and specialist of French Grand Crus. We have enjoyed our special position in the traditional French sales network which
entitles us to the premium wines direct from the cellars at the most competitive prices.

We have been working mainly with big French wineries and have been selected by several airlines (Thai International,
Vietnam…) for our quality, knowledge & competitiveness.

We are proud to be the exclusive exporter of 80 vineyards in France and also a well trusted trading company for other
regions. This way we are able to offer a wide range of wines to suit all occasions and all palates.

We also import choice drinks from China and Thailand as well as Japanese beers for the French market. Recently,
for the trade of coffee shops, coffee bars, restaurants and clubs, we supply the draught beers we have represented
as well as our own coffee brand « EXPRESSO PARISIENNE ». We always work closely with our clients in every
aspect of marketing and even financing.

To introduce our comprehensive French wine portfolio to Hong Kong market, we are opening our first wine shop -
Cave de Paris Wines aimed at giving the trade the most competitive prices, with a view to expansion becoming, one
day, the market leader across Asia.

Cave de Paris Wines, thinks that the timing could not be better to enter the market as Hong
Kong requires zero tax on imported wines and is determined to become the wine hub in Asia. Moreover, with the active
penetration of the wine trade in mainland China for more than 10 years, this vast market has matured to the point that
appreciation of finest wines is the norm. And people certainly seek out the premium wines either for their own consumption,
as gifts for friends or business associates, or indeed even as an investment.

Cave de Paris Wines has selected a large number of fabulous wines from the great wine regions including Alsace, Bordeaux,
Burgundy, Champagnes, Lorie Valley and others, especially the wonderful wines from Medoc chateaux with 1855 Classification.
All comers are welcome but we will always protect the interests of our distributors.

For distributors, retailers, collectors, wine lovers, Cave de Paris Wines is always at your service.

A Votre Santé!!!